We Get It Alabama Franklin County Schools November 2017

We Get It Alabama
Franklin County Schools

In November, Robert Mullins, a life coach and consultant came to talk to the Red Bay High school students about making decisions that impact the rest of their lives. Mr. Mullins spoke to the students about how positive decisions such as staying in school and pursuing education can lead to success later in life and how negative decisions such as smoking or using other tobacco products can lead to negative results later in life. He was very engaging to the students, and they even participated when he gave them the opportunities. He presented the negative affects of tobacco use in a new and memorable way – not so much in facts and figures, but in tangible, real-world terms. He helped the students relate to the cost effect of smoking, to the health and health care effect of smoking, and to the affect that these factors have on their over all “success” in life. The students commented afterwards that they hadn’t made some of those connections in that way before, and they were able to recall his main points of his presentation.


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