The Alabama Department of Public Health Request for Proposal FAQ

Youth Tobacco Prevention RFP Questions/Answers

1.) If two organizations are funded in the same city, how will we determine locations for store audits?

If there are two successful applicants in a target city, we will work with Counter Tools to determine how to distribute surveys. More details will be provided after grants are awarded.

2.) Does the project have to be implemented in a school?

No, the project can be implemented to other youth focused groups outside of the school system.

3.) When is the application due?

The application deadline is Monday, October 15. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.

4.) Are cities not listed in the RFP allowed to submit a proposal

Priority will be given to applicants serving the target cities. However we will accept proposals for non-target cities for consideration

5.) How many meetings/trainings/events to Montgomery do you anticipate to be required? Will any overnight stays be required

Plan for up to 8 trips to Montgomery, 2 of which will be overnight stays.

6.) We would like clarification on whether the full-time project coordinator is required to dedicate 40 hours per week or is it someone who works full-time with the organization who oversees the project and a prevention educator who carries out the bulk of the project training?

We strongly recommend a full time project coordinator. We have found a full-time staff require less training and facilitates buy-in to accomplish program goals.

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