Producing the 2018 Youth Tobacco Video

Producing the 2018 Youth Tobacco Video:

PRIDE of Tuscaloosa is very thankful for the help of Daystar Youth to produce this year’s youth tobacco video. PRIDE worked with youth at Daystar to think of ideas for the video. Students discussed what they knew about tobacco products and the effect they felt it had on society. PRIDE educator spoke with students about the impact of tobacco products on their day-to-day activities. Youth voted on who would participate in the video and who would rather not.

Students decided on the video layout based on what they thought would be most beneficial for people to know. Statistics listed where things they felt would be most impactful on viewers. They believed many people did not understand the effects that tobacco companies had on today’s youth and wanted to bring it out into the open. Students planned the skit as well. They worked together in a group to create something they felt would depict their end goal of “Really?”. When gaining more understanding of tobacco companies youth felt like this was their reaction to the continual use and advertisement of the products.

On June 28th PRIDE of Tuscaloosa edited and sent in our 2018 Youth Tobacco video. The video was a little longer than 30 seconds, but showed the students hard work and dedication to tobacco education and understanding. PRIDE is very thankful for the help of Daystar Youth. We are very proud of their hard work.

Until next time… I MEAN REALLY?

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