Countertools Assessments

Countertools Assessments:

PRIDE is not lacking experience when it comes to completing retail assessments for the Tuscaloosa community, but this year was different. This year we focused on two different areas Northport and Centreville. PRIDE completed 11 assessments in Centreville and 41 in Northport. During the assessments PRIDE was shocked to see the large number of tobacco shops in such a small area. In Northport alone, there were over 6 tobacco shops. Each shop had a large number of advertisement and products with a high level of discount and visibility. Each area seemed to focus on the population surrounding the store. For instance, if it was a lower income area there were more 4 for a $1 cigarillos or little cigars. If there seemed to be a higher rate of smokeless tobacco use there was a larger discount. In some areas it was almost a two-dollar difference in pricing. PRIDE did not experience any issues when collecting data. Many store owners let us come look around without any questions or voicing any concerns. PRIDE will be using this data for policy change in the Tuscaloosa county communities as well as doing school based education with students in more highly populated tobacco areas.

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